* Be aged at least 18 years.
* Have a source of monthly income.
* A loan granted not reimbursed on time the contract has legal consequences accompanied the publication of your identity card on all the channels that are displayed in our office. The transfer time is 48 hours at most.

Documents to provide

* I.D. Proof
* Bank Statement.
* Latest utility bill or other equivalent document justifying your address.
* Last payslip or other documents that support your monthly income.

Interest rate.

Annual APR ranging from 2% to 6% depending on the amount requested and the repayment period.

Term of the loan.

The term of your loan can not exceed 30 years.

Begin monthly withdrawals.

They start 60 (2 months) and 90 (3 months) days from the day the borrower receives the full amount of the loan.

Pause in the refund or postponement of installments.

To study the possibility of postponing a deadline, you can contact us from the contact form available on our website. The report interest income at the applicable rate, the premium application for the credit guarantee will be calculated if the insurance was purchased. You can request the postponement of one or two installments per year and benefit from a "pause reimbursement." You must make the request 7 days before the next deadline. This pause payment will be granted provided that at the time of your request to postpone your revolving credit shows no unpaid or late payment, is not covered by insurance and that you do not have benefited from deferral in the two previous months.


Whether you have acquired a business or personal loan, you can at any time and at no extra cost refund all or part of the amount that you still owe. Whether acting, professional contract or even apprenticeship we can help you.

Loan agreement and insurance.

The borrower will have to sign a loan agreement and a credit insurance certificate. The insurance covers you in case of death, total and irreversible disability, total disability through illness or accident (0081 FACL) and job loss compensation by dismissal on.